“Alice was cast immediately after her audition for Maria Helliwell, there was no question in her perfect delivery and acting ability in auditioning for the role.”

Carole Carr Director of ‘When We Are Married’ by JB Priestly

ensemble playing of the highest quality, moments of unexpected but totally appropriate humour to lighten this melancholy play.”

Mark Dowling –

Gertrude in Hamlet at The Storyhouse in Chester

Laura J Harris – Artistic Director for Chalice Productions

“Alice was such a pleasure to work with and to direct.  As a Performer she is very giving and supportive of her fellow actors during both the rehearsal process and the production run itself.

I would snap up the opportunity to work Alice again and highly recommend her as part of any creative performance team.”

Megan Marie Griffith – Director for Grimm Tales

“Alice is a committed and intuitive actor. Always well researched and extremely giving in the rehearsal room, both in terms of her attention to detail and her work with other performers.

Excellent  with an accent, she comes with a bold offer in terms of characterisation but is adaptable and quick to take direction. She is exceptionally committed and a pleasure to work with”.